You're beautiful. You're beautiful everyday. I've never seen a pic where you weren't beautiful. I understand you get depressed & sad, but that's coming from the inside. Don't blame the outside for the problems it can't face. I know depression doesn't just go away, but maybe if you have a few less things removed you will have less causes to ignite your sadness.

Thankyou anon. Seriously. When I think there’s no where to draw hope from, someone comes along. It’s just that space of crossing over when it comes to depression. But thankyou for the message ox


Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in

to all the cracks and cliques

that society puts you in.

Or do you ever slightly fear being fully yourself,

scared of the raised eyebrows and curious eyes

dig into your timid soul.

I try and solve this by putting up walls made of paper

that slowly turn to a concrete roof, then a cave, a den, a house,

away away on a hill side,

so that they can’t get in or see

the beast that they’ve made of me.

For they love to toss me two and fro
with words and chatter,Vulchers * of
*’Why do you look, talk, dress like that’

There mouths like open caves I can see there teeth,
rotten and decaying. Graves stones.

I don’t want to explain
I don’t want to talk
I walk away alone
and peer through windows
watching them silently turn to stone,
mannequins of each other
letting my spirit grow.


To me it means sacrifice
to hide who I am
For I’ll find people
who know and understand

what its like to be
killed over and over again,

all for just wanting to live,

but we shall live, my friend.


Next week will be better.

i dont even know what the fuck this is 

I just want to be alone to the point  that i disappear. 

Have a beautiful day hunny x

thankyou, same to you anon x 


“you don’t look depressed though”

oh yeah sorry i forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today

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